WHO WE ARE | Instituto de Estudios Universitarios Amerike


We train our students within three sectors in full expansion and with a great number of professional and work opportunities.

The Institute of University Studies Amerike is a new private university in Mexico, academically managed by the University School of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG), the School of Interactive New Technologies (ENTI-UB), and the School of Advanced Music and Sound (EUMES), Spanish universities pioneers in the field of videogames, health and sports, and music production.

The Institute of University Studies Amerike was created in partnership with EUSES-UdG and ENTI-UB, in Zapopan, almost in the heart of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco. Currently, our main goal is to train our students in accordance with the labor market situation.

Therefore, we initially offer four bachelor’s degrees designed so that students can be trained within sectors that are in full expansion and that, as a result, have a greater number of professional and work opportunities. The sectors for which the Institute of University Studies Amerike initially aims to focus its educational offer are: health, sports, videogames and music production. Thus, the degrees that we offer are:

  1. Degree in Interactive Software Development and Video Games RVOE 20171176
  2. Degree in Sports and Physical Activity Sciences RVOE 20171443
  3. Degree in Artistic Creation for Video Games and Digital Media RVOE 20180139
  4. Degree in Digital Music Production RVOE 20180068
  5. Degree in Physiotherapy RVOE 20180751

Thanks to the partnership with these universities, our students can benefit from:

  • Study programs 100% compatible with European programs.
  • Exchanges in Spain with recognition of 100% of subjects, one semester or one year long, with no increase of the fellowships.
  • Teacher exchange programs with these Spanish universities.
  • European Academic Direction.
  • Joint training and research programs.
  • Scholarship program for the exchanges with EUSES-UdG and ENTI-UB.
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