EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL MODEL | Instituto de Estudios Universitarios Amerike



Our European educational model is based on the curricula originated in prestigious universities of health, sports and videogames, such as: University School of Health and Sport – University of Girona (EUSES-UdG), and the School of Interactive New Technologies – University of Barcelona (ENTI-UB).

They are pioneering universities in these sectors and we have strong alliances with them, which will be very beneficial for our students.

Likewise, the academic management of the degrees relies on personnel coming from these Spanish universities, which ensure that the Institute of University Studies Amerike has the same educational quality and level of academic rigor of ENTI-UB and EUSES.

In addition, the European educational model is characterized by:

  • Developing real projects, supervised by real professionals: ‘learning by doing’, helping the students get an immediate insertion in the labor market.
  • The degrees consist of theoretical-practical subjects since the first semester. This way, the students begin to get experience within the sector. The Institute of University Studies Amerike will give you the opportunity to work within real companies and institutions while you are studying.

In addition, our students can benefit from the strong alliance with pioneer Spanish universities within these sectors; for example, they will be able to go to Spain, to one of the universities of ENTI-UB or EUSES, depending on the degree you are studying, for one semester or one year. The curricula of the degrees that will be taught in Mexico are the same to the degrees that are offered in Spain, allowing our students to get an international professional experience.

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