Talleres para escuelas: Los hábitos deportivos para la mejora de la salud

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Sports habits for health improvement

The Degree in Sports and Physical Activity Sciences of the Institute of University Studies Amerike brings you an activity that will provide you first-hand experience:

The opportunity to know, identify and improve your healthy habits through physical activity and sports.


What do we offer you?

We offer you to know more about one of the most relevant topics in our society. You and your group will also have the chance to attend a conference/workshop.

There are 2 options you can choose for your school:

  • Conference on sedentary lifestyle and obesity
  • Workshop on sports habits

Where to do it?

Both the conference and the workshop can be done in two ways:

  • In the facilities of the Institute of University Studies Amerike, we have the ideal spaces and the optimal equipment to carry out any of the two activities. We encourage you to choose this option so that you can take advantage of your visit to our University to get to know us.
  • In your own school: if it is more convenient that one of our specialists travel to your center due to logistical reasons or academic management, we can sort it out.


For whom?

The students of last semesters of high school are the ideal audience for these workshops. The profile of the ideal student to attend these activities is anyone who has an interest in health, sports and physical activity.


How much?

These workshops are a service offered by the Institute of University Studies Amerike at no cost to make high school students aware of the importance of sports habits.

Therefore, it is a 100% free activity.


At what times?

This activity can be scheduled from Monday to Friday

At these hours:

  • In the mornings from 8 am to 2 pm
  • In the afternoons from 4 pm to 7 pm

* You must previously check the availability of laboratories and/or teachers at the desired times, since they may already be occupied by previous reservations or other activities of the University.


How to book?

To register your school to any of the two activities (conference or workshop), or to answer any questions regarding the number of groups that can be registered, agenda or logistics for the organization of this activity, just:

Send an email to info@amerike.com or call 3320661363

Please, have the necessary data ready to make the reservation:

  • Name of the school and high-school modality.
  • Desired activity and chosen place to develop it.
  • Number of students (and groups) interested in attending, and what semester they are on.
  • Possible dates and times in which the activity could be carried out (ideal if more than one alternative is proposed).
  • Name, email and contact telephone. We guarantee that you will have an answer in less than two business days from when you send us your proposal.


Frequent questions

If I have a student who is very interested in the world of sports sciences, who would like to attend one of these workshops or conferences, but for any reason the school is not able to register a whole group in the available times, what can we do?

No problem. All you have to do is to ask this student to contact us directly via email at info@amerike.mx or by phone at the number 33 2066 1363 and we will arrange a date with them so he/she can attend the University by his/her own to take the workshop in any of the given schedules.

Where can I find more information about the university and/or the curriculum of this degree in Sports?

The official name of this new degree is “Sports and Physical Activity Sciences”, and all the information about the degree and about the University can be found in: https://amerike.edu.mx/

Is there a requirement, limit or restriction to register for these activities?

No. The only requirement to be able to sign up on a specific date is to make the request at least two weeks before the scheduled date for the activity.

Take into account that it can already be a reservation on the desired date, or that for other calendar reasons it is not possible to make the reservation on that exact day. Therefore it is ideal to propose not only a specific date but also several possible alternative days and hours in which the activity can be carried out, and with as much time as possible in advance. This will greatly maximize the likelihood that the activity can be reserved and carried out according to the convenience of your institution.


More information:

Sales: 33 2066 1363

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