DEGREE IN PHYSIOTHERAPY - GENERAL INFORMATION | Instituto de Estudios Universitarios Amerike


The goal of the Degree in Physiotherapy is to comprehensively train students with knowledge in anatomy, physiology, neurology, traumatology, orthopedics and biomechanics, as well as to provide the scientific preparation and skills to assess, understand, analyze and treat health alterations that can be answered from physiotherapy.

We also want the students to acquire the skills to use the set of methods, procedures, models, techniques and actions that, through the application of physical means, manual techniques and therapeutic exercise, among others, prevent, recover and re-adapt people affected by functional limitations or changes in the physical function and in the health status, understanding the person from the biopsychosocial sphere.

Amerike is closely linked to the University School of Health and Sports, a pioneer university in the formation of health and sports (EUSES). EUSES is a university attached to the University of Girona and the Rovira i Virgili University, both from Spain.

The employment rate of graduates in Physiotherapy at EUSES is 98.2%, being a profession with high employability and future prospects.

The Institute of University Studies Amerike has signed an exclusive agreement with the Harvard Medical School in Mexico, from which our students will benefit, as they will be able to attend workshops, conferences and courses.

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